Lobo Grant Minutes

Lobo Grant Committee Minutes

Grant Committee Notes

Lobo Teacher Grant Committee Meeting 10/14/2014–
·         Snively approved $405 for photography supplies.
·         PE Teacher Boymel  pedometers were fully funded through the district – instead request for ipad mini (they have one) for weightlifting, requested $300 approved. Had $250 in her account from pedometers that was not used, we will add $50 to make total $300
·          Rotary gave us $1500 toward teacher grant fund
·         Leslie Thompson, we would her to complete the process and write a follow up on the grant money given for cameras.
·         $1189.50 June 2014?
·         $3015.50 Left for grants.  Plus $1437.00 – school fund account = total $4452.50
·         Joey Wilson – re quest $400 grant for LINK  = (lunches, shirts for incoming freshmen).  Social gathering Oct -pancake breakfast by VFW & Staff Infection Band AND an event in the spring.  Budget for the year is $1500.  $40 decorations for breakfast, $60 for drinks, $100 activity in the spring, $40 candy, $100 LINK lockin – pizza, $60 extras.  Trying to apply for other grant money for next year, Wes wants more LINK activities, so need more $$ to make it a year long program.  Check to see if we can pay from grant money or PTA money

·         Change the writing of the grant to encompass school activities.

PTSA LOBO Grant /  Pedometer Meeting notes – 8/22/2014
Attendees:  Pam Morrison, Karma Vance, Dixie Miller, Emily Miller – Wes Paxton
•Donations from the BBQ - $750 on-line. $103.71 in the fishbowl
Discussion on the LOBO grant applicants and details:

1) Jeanie Boynel – Fitness – PTSA Previously approved $250 for Pedometers
>She is requesting $100 additional to meet the Jeffco Match for the pedometers
>She needs to be a member

2) Leslie ? - requested $899.90 for cameras / $700 approved

3) Molly Snively – requested $853.57 / $500 approved - for Photography Supplies paper and Equipment

Community Communication
We need a Volunteer to be the Communication Liaison – to report recipients’ innovative programs and progress, results – High Timber Times, Canyon Courier, Denver Post Your Hub

PTSA Funds (Not LOBO Grant)
•$175.00 - Installation of TV donated by the Student Government– split the installation cost $350 with Student Gov - $175 each –

•$350.00 - New sports equip – for the Gym for Lunchtime entertainment – Wes’s Romper Room – add this as a line item to the annual budget