LOBO Grant

The CONIFER LOBO EDUCATOR INNOVATION GRANT provides an alternative opportunity to fund enriching and dynamic opportunities for Conifer students and their classrooms.  The intent of this grant is to support innovative approaches and creative ideas by funding supplies, equipment and projects that are not typically supported by the school’s budget. Approaches and ideas can include enrichment of the curriculum and/or providing students with additional learning experiences.

Grant proposals should be used to supplement, but not replace, other funding sources.  It is assumed that the requests will fall within the normal school guidelines regarding alignment and purchasing of all items relating to curriculum and teaching.

All teachers and staff, who have paid for a PTSA membership, are eligible to apply for the grant. In order to maximize the impact of grant funding, if an individual teacher or department is awarded the grant for that year, they will be ranked a lower priority for additional funding request(s) until all grants are approved. 

Grant Amounts
The typical grant awards will be between $200 to $700.  Exceptions will be reviewed and approved by the Conifer Principal and PTSA Board.  In addition to the criteria listed below, approval depends in part on yearly budget and other funding needs.

PTSA members will not know the identity of the individual submitting the grant request.  Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
1.       Potential to improve student achievement
2.            Number of students who will benefit
3.            Creativity of project or innovative approach
4.            Potential for continuation and/or replication
5.            Cost effectiveness and realistic budget/bids/pricing research
6.            Potential to enhance instructional skills
7.            Expected impact
8.            Projects must be endorsed by the principal

Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted on a continuous basis. Application should be submitted one week before a regularly scheduled PTSA monthly meeting (second Tuesdays of the month).  Applications submitted after the due date can be considered the following month.  

Payments will be disbursed within 30 days of approval.

Grantees must provide a written report to Conifer PTSA at the conclusion of their project.  This report must include a financial statement; narrative describing the project; and how it benefited students and/or the teacher.  Unused funds must be returned to Conifer PTSA by the end of the school year in which the grant was awarded.

   Please submit the LOBO EDUCATOR INNOVATION GRANT application in the PTSA mailbox in the school office or email Jen Clark at dandylions@me.com.